For the not live-in guests

Opening hours from 7 a.m- 8 p. m.

Our wellness section is not suitable for use in the main timelines for walk- in customers. Thank you for understanding. As full house, or main holidays. Please double chechk it befor you come. Thanks for understanding. ( National holidays/ holidays- christmas, easter, Pentecost, etc.)

Wellness daily prices for guests
  • Adult daily ticket: 6. 000 HUf
  • Adult afternoon ticket from 3 p. m.: 4. 500 Huf
  • Children (2-12 ages) / retired daily ticket: 4. 500 Huf
  • Children (2-12 ages)/ retired afternoon ticketw from 3 p. m.: 3.500 Huf


Season tickets

Season ticket (for 5 times)

Season ticket (for 10 times)

Adult daily 24. 000 Huf 48. 000 Huf
Children/ retired daily 18. 000 Huf 36. 000 Huf


Salt Bath

It is suitable for skin problems, asthma, stress..Prices: 1.500 Huf/ 30 min. Season ticket for 10 times. 13.000 Huf


Children under 2 can use our wellness and spa for free.

  • We highly recommend to use a swimming diaper. If you left it at home, we can provide it. : 500 Huf/ pcs
  • You can rent a bathrobe: 1.000 Huf/ pcs
  • Towels for rent: 800 Huf/ pcs
  • We ask a caution money for the lockers: 2.000 Huf
  • Wellness textiles caution money: 7.000 Huf


Szolgáltatásaink, melyeket a belépő ára tartalmaz We can provide the following services in wellness and spa section

Lockers renting, adult and children indoor spa, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, Kneipp, Sauna, Infra Sauna, steam bath, aromatic room for relaxation, relaxing section, salted room, salt bath, fitness room with cardio machines.

Parking fees

Outdoor: 1.800 Huf/ day
Garage: 2.400 Huf/ daey

We cannot provide a free parking place for the not living-in guests, but only if we have a free parking capacity. Please, check it at the reception.